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- la v3 est là !
- bug avatar à fixer + cate description

Bluebell est une des île d'un archipel français situé dans l'océan pacifique, mais aussi la seule et très grande ville de cette île, venez la découvrir !


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Tamara Sparksou cette douce espièglerie
Humeur : « Pourquoi j'ai fais 3 gosses ? »
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Instagram Tamara Sparks - A few weeks ago

It's too good to see grandpa again, isn't it Milan ? ♥

Instagram Tamara Sparks - 6 hours ago

You were born there is already a month and you come back only among us, we hope you'll grow up well lil girl ♥
Humeur : asma tki
Autre compte : Faith Hopkins
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♥ 35 654 likes

I feel so lucky to call this person my friend! She's stunning, talented, inspiring, a badass mummy. May this day be the best day ever and your next year the best one yet. Here's to many more, love you Rachel! @rachelzoe

on 1 September


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YOU KNOW WHAT @therealmorgan ? I'm going to make a long super cheesy speech just like you hate them, especially since today is the day you came out of the womb like.... 28 years ago? Now, time for that speech I said I'd do. When I first met you in high school, you seemed like that, well, pretty bad guy! Didn't think I'd hang out with someone like that in my whole life, but it kinda happened! Remember when I got lost and you helped me find my way to the class? So embarrassing, also very embarrassing, you were one of the rare ones who unfortunately knew me during my "weird" phase (lmao). Even tho you were 2 frickin years older than me, we really got along very well, very quickly! It actually surprised me that you were nice behind all that "cool guy" thing, you know! Well, we somehow tried to keep that friendship even after you finished high school, but it didn't last long. You disappeared for some time (some years i'd say), but you got back at me from time to time, and i think that it's the thing that kept this friendship alive! Today, I'm glad we reunited and I look back at all of this thinking how I could have never met you, and look at where we are today! Partners in crime (always), tv co-stars (yeah i know super crazy right? living the dream together), and most important of all, bestfriends. I love you. I'll always be there for you! #HappyBirthdayMorgan

on 30 September


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@cleaedwards, we know each other since basically always. I'll never forget how we used to play with dolls at my parents', and how we would make plays up, and be the lead roles! We went together in school, and always had each other's back. You were the tough one, and would teach me life and all that lol. Thank you for sticking with me through hard times, even if sometimes i was literally the worst person to be around. I always considered you as that twin sister I never had. From nursery, to elementary school, to secondary, acting school, you were always there. We saw each other grow, and that's one of the most beautiful things in this friendship. I saw you become an amazing person, a very talented actress whom I'm glad I share a screen with, a super mum, and you still amaze me every single day. I hope this friendship will last and will stay strong as now, til the end of our lives. I love you, I love you, I love you!

on 21 October
Alexis Bassou souffler le chaud et le froid
Humeur : « Comment assasiner Yael ? »
Autre compte : Tamara Sparks
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Instagram - Alexis Bass a posté une nouvelle photo il y a 1 jour

@jasminetk @sarasamp ♥
Faith Hopkins
Humeur : Généralement joyeuse, gare à celui qui m'énerve mouahahah
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Faith Hopkins a changé sa photo de profil, le 12.01.2017 à 21h31

14 j'aimes - 10 commentaires

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Linda James
Still so pretty! How are the kids

Helen White

Eileen Sparksou péniblement attachante
Humeur : « Ma libido baisse alerte ! »
Autre compte : Yael Larsen
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Instagram - Eileen Sparks vient de publié une photo il y a 30 secondes

We welcomed Hanaë Tamara Powell earth side at 1:05pm today. Weighing in at 8lbs6oz and 21in long. She's so fierce. Thank you all for your love! We are both doing perfect! 
Bethany Haylieou se méfier de l'eau qui dort
Humeur : Sereine
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~Instagram~@Beth'Haylie vient de publier une photo il y a quelques minutes

Finally home
Tamara Sparksou cette douce espièglerie
Humeur : « Pourquoi j'ai fais 3 gosses ? »
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Instagram - Tamara vient de publier une photo il y a quelques minutes

Gorgeous little face of my two-year-old boy already. Sooo Happy
Kaïs MillerAdmin
Humeur : Pause jusqu'a nouvel ordre ♥
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INSTAGRAM - Kais Miller Mendes (@future.mendes) publié une nouvelle photo

A month, only a month that I no longer have you by my side and I already feel like I lived an eternity Kira Lodge. My little heart, you have become indispensable to my life and that of my family as well as to that of Malia and Eliora who now live with us. I would like to relive our moments together as @c.lodge says so often: once a close being lost, our world is upset. I love you so much @KiraLodgeBaker ♥. Please God protects you and Matthew from the one who holds you ♥
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